Mailing / Envelopes

Mailing Equipment

Replacement Pitney Bowes compliant rollers.

Whether you require a specialised roller for an envelope / gluing machine or a compliant roller for a Pitney Bowes mailing machine, We do it all!

Mailing Equipment:

  • Compliance roller used in mailing houses.
  • Mailing equipment we specialise in:
    • Pitney Bowes.
    • Kern.
    • CMC.
    • Bowe.
    • Hunkeler.
AMC Rollers Mailing Equipment
AMC Rollers Mailing Equipment

Envelope Manufacturing:

  • Glue rollers.
  • Score counter rollers.
  • Tear rollers.
  • Separating rollers.
  • Peal and seal rollers.
  • Feed rollers.
  • Side score rollers.
  • Pull rollers.
  • Nip rollers.
  • Folder rollers.
  • Bite rolls and grooved rollers.
  • Teflon coated (Glassene) rollers.
  • Envelope machines we specialise in:
    • FL Smithe.
    • Halm jet.oHobbs.
    • Winkler+Dunnebeir.
    • Beasley French.
AMC Rollers Polyurethane 1
AMC Rollers Polyurethane 3

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