AMC Rollers Silicone Rollers


Excellent temperature resistance & superior release properties

Silicone combines excellent temperature resistance (up to 220oC) with superior release properties.

The unique combination of silicone formula and bonding system used in the re-covering of your rollers, allows us to provide you with highly specified silicone rollers for specialist applications where others have failed.

Silicone also retains its physical properties at extremes of low temperature (-40oC.) which makes it suitable for use in cold food processing and packing lines.

Typical application for our silicone products

  • Fusing Rollers for textile and thermal imaging.
  • Sealing Rollers for food and pharmaceutical packaging machines.
  • Adhesive Applicators
  • Nip and Drive Rollers for label and tape conversion machines.
  • Encapsulating and Laminating Rollers for graphic arts.
  • Tacky Cleaning Rollers.

All information on this website is intended for general information. For a recommendation on a specific application, please Contact Us.