Comprehensive range of rubber (synthetics) compounds

A comprehensive range of rubber (synthetic) compounds are available for the recovering of your rollers. Selecting the correct rubber compound to use is essential, especially where solvent or chemical attack is a consideration. Failure to select the correct rubber compound is often a factor in the failure or reduced life of a roller covering.

Typical applications for our rubber products include:

  • Coating.
  • Printing (Flexo, Litho, Gravure).
  • Conveying.
  • Varnishing.
  • Gluing.
AMC Rollers Rubber Roller


Resistance: Excellent resistance to ketone and ester based solvents (i.e. acetone), certain acids, alkali’s, water and steam.

Applications include: Coating, laminating, varnishing (where solvent attack is a consideration). Etching, rinsing and squeegee applications in a wide range of industries.

Maximum working temperature: 140oC

Nitrile / Neoprene

Resistance: Alcohols, vegetable and mineral oils. Nitrile also has a good resistance to aromatic solvents (i.e. toluene).

Applications include: Printing, gluing, varnishing, mechanical feed and drive rollers. Food quality grades are available.

Maximum working temperature: 100oC


Resistance: Excellent cut and abrasion resistance. Acid and alkali resistance.

Applications include: Good load bearing and bond strength allows for use for embossing, pressure backing rollers in printing, laminating and paper/film conversion. Used in various acid and alkali treatment processes as squeegee, nip and conveyor rollers in industries as diverse as steel production to PCB manufacture.

Maximum working temperature: 140oC

Carboxylated Nitrile

Resistance: In a word ‘tough’. Improved cut, abrasion and load bearing characteristics over Hypalon.

Applications include: Used in embossing, mangle, conveyors etc, as well as various high temperature/pressure waxing and coating applications.

Maximum working temperature: 120oC

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