Rubber Rollers

Your Roller Covering & Precision Engineering Specialist

From the standard to the bespoke, from the small to the large, from rubber rollers to train wheels… If you have a need, we have the expertise!

AMC Rollers Applications


We can supply components and rollers for a vast range of applications, including: Laminating rollers, Folding Machine Rollers, Conveyor Rollers to Drive Wheels.

AMC Rollers Compounds Rubber Roller


It doesn’t matter whether your item is manufactured from polyurethane, nitrile, silicone or EPDM for application onto steel, alloy or carbon fibre cores. WE DO IT ALL!

AMC Rollers Engineering


We cater for industries as diverse as automotive, printing, packaging, water treatment, woodworking, food production and pharmaceutical to name a few.

Precision Engineering

Providing solutions to the manufacturing and production industry with an aim to provide a fast and reliable turnaround in all aspects of engineering and in a wide variety of materials.

Reverse engineering is also one of our specialities. We can utilise an existing product and using our well-equipped inspection department, to produce a specification for manufacture of an identical item.

For people working to a tight schedule we can repair damaged components or remanufacture to samples – often improving on the original design.

AMC Rollers Reverse Engineering